Núria Terribas

DSC03707-rThe right to the bio-genetics origins

Today our society presents diversity in family models, which was unthinkable only 40 years ago. Together with the ones born by the ‘natural’ way and in the context of the birth family, there are also people who have been adopted in a home different from the one where they were born for relinquishment or abandonment reasons; others born by assisted reproductive technologies with gamete donors, and others with a combination of reproductive material and support of a third person that gives de baby after giving birth (surrogacy). New social realities and models of family open new questions about whether there is or there is not the right to know about ‘biological origins’ and its limits, when values such as the couple intimacy or the confidentiality of biological or genetic parents are in conflict.

Núria Terribas is Lawyer, Jurist specialised in Bioethics. She is director of Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas. Since 2009, she is member of Committee of Bioethics of Catalunya and since 2013 she is member of the Advisory Council for the Sustainability and Progress of the Health System (CASost) of the Generalitat de Catalunya as well as member and Secretary of the National Bioethics Committee of Andorra. She is also member of different committees and advisory committees of public and private health institutions.

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